bellissa Outdoor Bird Feeder- 2 Pieces


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🐦 EFFICIENT FEEDER – Replace the fat ball net with this stylish hanging silo for feeding wild birds. The metal spiral dispenses food away from predators.
🐦 BIRD WATCHING – Attract birds to your garden with our spiral feeder. Watch sparrows, blue jays, cardinals and chickadees visit your garden.
🐦 WEATHER RESISTANT – Provide your winged visitors with year-round nourishment. The quality metal feeder will not rust. It is the ideal distributor in any season.
🐦 FAT BALL SILO – Simply place the ball in the spiral and hang the feeder from a tree branch. Hang several bird feeders in your garden or on the patio.
🐦 SAFE FOR BIRDS – Feed your feathered friends without fear of harming them in any way. The spiral has no parts or elements that could harm the birds.


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